School Emblem

If you look near the top of this page to the left of the words “Richmond High School” you can see the school emblem.

The most noticeable place for the emblem was on the breast pocket of school blazers.

I found the emblem above on a worn, crumpled school report that a school friend had sent me, which I scanned and reproduced.  No, its not very good.

Another school friend has written asking if we have a larger, good quality copy, to which the answer is no.

So, the call goes out.. has anyone got a good quality emblem?

If we don’t get one, we will get one when we finally get around to looking at the files kept at the Victorian State Archives office better known as Public Record Office Victoria.

Files relating to Richmond High School (1967- 1992) were moved to the Victoria’s State Archives office along with files from Richmond Secondary College [VPRS-9654-P1].


In 2015, I was sent a school report from my leaving year (Form 5) from 1973.  The report was one of many documents my mother had kept which were discovered when she left her house to go int care.




What the report (above) was able to provide was a clearer emblem.

emblem500 emblem-richmond-high-school