Richmond High School | New 2014

In the lead up to the 2014 State Election, the Government committed to the development of a 7-12 High School on land adjacent to the Richmond Bowling Club and Richmond Town Hall.

A collaborative approach

Schools are a vital community resource, delivering a highly valued, crucial service to young Victorians. The development of a new school is a shared responsibility between the Department and the community in which it will operate.

A new school planning group has been established. The Group will ensure the active involvement of a cross section of government, community leaders, educational providers and the community in the development of the new Richmond High School.

Consideration of the needs of the local community and the future students of the new school will be the first priority of the Group.

Education level

7-12 High School


The Government has a committed a total of $43 million for the delivery of a new secondary school in Richmond.