Richmond High School FAQs

Richmond High School FAQs
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When will the school open?

At this early stage of the project an opening date is not yet available.

What is the New School Planning Group and how will it be involved?

The New School Planning Group is a steering committee that will include representatives from the Department, the community, local schools and parents. It will help to develop the master plan for the school, which will include detail about facilities, structure, teaching and learning vision and sustainable building design. The group will also consider opportunities for co-location and integration of programs and facilities in the local area.

When will construction begin and what will be built in the first stage?

A precise date is yet to be determined; we encourage you to join our mail list to be provided with regular project updates. The Department will work closely with the New School Planning Group, key stakeholders and pedagogy experts to plan development on the site.

What will be involved in the master planning phase?

The master planning process will be collaborative and involve the New School Planning Group. Sustainable building design will form part of the master planning brief. When completed, plans will be available on the Department’s website.

When will the principal be appointed?

The principal will be appointed and commence work in term 3 of the year proceeding the new school opening. A selection committee including the Department and community representatives will make recommendations to the Department regarding the appointment of the principal.

What will the enrolment process be?

Enrolment commencement dates are not yet known; they will depend on the timing of construction and school availability. The principal, once appointed, will work with the school council to develop an enrolment plan. It is probable that initial enrolment will be for Year 7 only. Primary schools are responsible for ensuring each Year 6 student has a place in a secondary school for Year 7. The transition process through the primary schools begins in May the preceding year. The Department’s North West Regional Office helps schools with the transition process.

If you have questions about the process, please contact the Youth Pathways and Transitions Unit Youth Programs Officer at email

Will community members have the chance to be involved with the school council?

All Victorian government school councils are constituted under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. Once the council has been formed, consideration will be given to community members being co-opted to bring additional skills and perspectives to the group.

How can I stay up to date?

Join the mail list to be provided with regular updates. For more information, see: Get the latest news on the new Richmond High School.