Media Release: Richmond Secondary School

Council welcomes the State Government’s announcement this week of a community planning committee to be established to provide strategic advice on the development of a new secondary school for Richmond.

The site earmarked for the new school is in the Richmond Town Hall precinct on Gleadell Street.

As proposed by the State Government the planning committee will comprise representatives from local schools, Yarra City Council, local community group Richmond High School Choices, and the Department of Education and Training to help steer that development.

The State Government proposes to consult with other key stakeholders including Leo Berry’s Boxing Gym and Richmond United Bowls Club amongst others, in planning for the proposed new school design.

Council has an important advocacy role in ensuring the school meets the community’s needs and aspirations and that school infrastructure and facilities can also serve the wider community. Council would also like to see consideration being given to the whole Richmond Town Hall precinct and its existing stakeholders. A key priority for Council will be ensuring transparent and comprehensive community engagement.

Yarra Mayor Phillip Vlahogiannis said: “Given the proposed location and context, we are keen for a ‘precinct’ approach to be taken in designing the school, so that benefits can be realised for the broader community.”

“Through close collaboration between the State Government and Council as well as innovative thinking, the new school can be an exemplar project.  We look forward to working with stakeholders to evolve and realise a vision for the precinct.”

The Department of Education is leading the project which conceptually involves a secondary school with a capacity for 650 students, years 7-12.

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Richmond Secondary School

17 July 2015


Stephen Jolly

Is there an irony that the man who fought so hard to save the original Richmond High School is now a councillor for the City of Yarra responsible for building the new one.