RHS Beanies & Polo Shirts

Here’s your chance to get a polo shirt or beanie (or both) with the original RHS emblem. We are taking orders for RHS beanies and polo shirts as per the attached photos. The beanies are $18 & the polos are $25 each. Polo Shirts and beanies    Use the order form below. Order Form Please […]

School Emblem

If you look near the top of this page to the left of the words “Richmond High School” you can see the school emblem. The most noticeable place for the emblem was on the breast pocket of school blazers. I found the emblem above on a worn, crumpled school report that a school friend had […]

Friends of Richmond High School

Internet resources and links related to Richmond High School and Richmond Secondary College. It dawned on us recently that there were other internet resources related to our school that some readers may find interesting.  We have removed some from our Friends Of list (right side navigation) and moved them here. Enjoy.. Facebook Twitter Melbourne Girls College – […]

A New Lease of Life

An old school friend recently said to me, whats going on with that web site of yours?  Yes, he was referring to this Richmond High School web site . I have no idea why its been hacked, whacked and smacked so many times since we launched it back in 2008. Given I host and maintain a number of WordPress […]

Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines: Richmond Secondary College – A School That Dared to Fight Behind The Lines is a book written by Stephen Jolly published in 1996. When the newly elected Victorian government decided to close Richmond Secondary College in 1992, the school community occupied the site for 360 days, 24-hours-a-day, ran a rebel high school, took […]

Welcome Pupils & Teachers

The purpose of this web site is to attract pupils and teachers from Richmond High School, years 1967 – 1992. Richmond High School in Melbourne was a marvellous school that shone for only a short period of time.. as one writer put it.. It took the people of Richmond 95 years from the time compulsory education […]